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  1. The Glendora Lassie League Select Program (GLLSP) provides an opportunity for a select group of Glendora Lassie League (GLL) players to improve their softball skills beyond the regular season.
  2. GLLSP is open to all registered GLL players interested in playing at a more competitive level.
  3. GLLSP teams will play other Select Teams. It is likely the Spring Select Teams will play 1-2 tournaments and 2-4 friendlies.
  4. Practices will typically be held on Sundays starting in February.
  5. GLL players interested in trying out for a select team shall notify GLL during the regular GLL Spring Season assessment.
  6. GLLSP will have 10U, 12U, and 14U divisions. The GLL Board will determine the number of teams per division based on player and manager interest.
  7. GLLSP is a sanctioned USA Softball program and has very specific rules, by which GLL must abide.
  8. GLLSP is separate from All-Stars. Participation in the GLLSP does not guarantee placement on an All-Star team.


  1. GLLSP team assessments will take place during the regular GLL Spring Season assessment in January.
  2. GLLSP players will be selected by a selection committee consisting of the Select Team Manager, Vice President, Select Team Coordinator, Division Vice President, and Division Player Agent.
  3. Each Select Team will have 11-13 players.


  1. GLLSP Managers will be selected by a selection committee consisting of the GLL President, Vice President, Select Team Coordinator, Division Vice President, and Division Player Agent.
  2. Individuals interested in managing a GLLSP team shall provide their name to the Select Team Coordinator by the Spring Season registration deadline. Select Coordinator’s contact information can be found on the GLL website.
  3. GLLSP managers must pass the USA background check and must be ACE Certified.


  1. GLLSP teams may play from January 1st through March 31st. All GLLSP teams must disband by March 31st of the current year.
  2. GLLSP teams will play other Select Teams. It is likely the Spring Select Teams will play 1-2 tournaments and 2-4 friendlies.
  3. Practices will be held on Sundays starting in February.
  4. GLLSP team participation may not interfere with any regular season participation.
  5. All players must play a minimum of 75% of GLL Spring Season games. Any player who fails to meet this requirement will be dismissed from the GLLSP team.
  6. If a player is lost due to sickness, injury, or otherwise, the GLLSP Select team may select from players who attended GLLSP team assessments.


The GLL Board will consider a Fall Select Program.


  1. A separate registration fee of $40 per player will be collected to pay for jerseys.
  2. The team shall pay for tournaments, umpire fees, and all other expenses.


  1. GLL will provide jerseys only, which must be worn during all GLLSP games. The individual players shall provide pants, socks, bows, and other accessories.


  1. GLLSP teams may practice at Louie Pompei Memorial Sports Park on Sundays. Select Team Managers shall request preferred field and time with the Select Team Coordinator.
  2. GLLSP teams may play host games at Louie Pompei Memorial Sports Park with approval from the Select Team Coordinator. Advanced notice is preferred to reserve fields.


  1. GLLSP teams may use the snack bar for host games to raise funds for their teams. Each team is responsible for operating the snack bar and providing their own food and snacks.
  2. GLLSP teams that want to use the snack bar shall coordinate with the Snack Bar Director.

Hi Glendora Lassie League!  We are looking forward to the upcoming season, and want to tell you about a new team.  This season we are staring Victory. Victory is a team for special needs girls ages 6-16.  We wanted to give girls whom have never had the chance to play softball the opportunity to play.  The Victory team will play teams from our 12U division in fun non-competitive games. Also, we will be looking for Victory Sisters.  The Victory Sisters are girls from 10U, 12U, and 14U divisions who want to help with the Victory team. We are so excited to give girls the chance to play softball, have fun, and make new friends.  Additionally, giving our Victory Sisters the opportunity to learn life skills like mentoring, leadership, and compassion.

Our goal is to have no out of pocket expenses for our Victory Girls and their families.  We have started a GoFundMe campaign, search for Victory Softball, so please consider donating to our girls.  Any amount would help these girls play softball.  

If you have any questions regarding Victory please feel free to email them to:

Together We All Win!

Rich Harper

Victory Director


Back Row:  Brian Zurla, Barry Le Fave, Chad Mahood, Tom Lunde, Paul Culver, Wayne Stemmler, Loreta Washington, Brian Mackie, Henry Ojeda, Ralph Menchaca, Rich Harper, Kurt Norwood, Steve Hyler, Darren Baumunk

Front Row: Rosie Guerrero, Celia Cardoza, Stephanie Fredieu, Vanessa King, Jenn Harper, Rick Stone, Roberta Santellan, Heather Wilson, Diane Harper, Lenny Chen

Not Pictured: BIll Allende, Anise Smith, Janelle Santellan, Leslie Collins, Joey Collins

Message From League President

Glendora Lassie League Parents,

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Rick Stone and I have the honor of serving as League President for the 2018 season. I am excited and ready for the responsibility.

I grew up primarily in Glendora participating in local Little Leagues for many years. I now have my two daughters playing in local leagues and have the ability to give back like many other volunteers did for me.

I have been involved with Lassie League for four years now serving as a Coach, Manager, and Board Member. As we quickly approach the start of our season there has been a lot of questions regarding the way sign-ups work, associated fees, and other league specific rules. There also seems to be some misinformation out there. As League President I am always available for questions and comments.

We as a Board are committed to providing the best league and experience for our players and their families. If there is anything you are curious about or would like to discuss please feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing everyone again on Opening Day and I hope we have another great season.

Rick Stone

League President

626 260 2558

Challenger Game 4/8/17

Thanks to all who came out and supported this event. We had a great turnout and look forward to hosting the event again next year.